RNA@CORE pursues two main goals:
1) Education of the RNA scientists of tomorrow;
2) Performing cutting-edge research in RNA Biology.
Mammalian RNA-Processing Machineries.
We are looking forward to exciting discoveries and excellent Doctoral Theses.


The educational program of RNA@CORE aims to reach the highest standards in experimental design, critical thinking, project management, and science communication.

The program features an advanced course on the molecular biology of RNA as part of the Master Program in Molecular Biology at the University of Vienna. RNA@CORE also offers workshops on critical technologies, hands-on experience through lab exchanges, and training in science communication. Towards the end of their Doctoral Thesis, RNA@CORE will support PhD candidates in their career decisions, mainly the choice between Academy or Industry. For this purpose, the program will offer 2 to 4-week internships in three RNA- centric companies at the VBC, working on different aspects of RNA biology and therapeutics.


RNA@CORE brings together 12 research groups – a dynamic mixture of Senior and Junior Group Leaders – working at the frontier of RNA biology and biochemistry, focusing on molecular mechanisms, cellular functions, and technology development. Projects at RNA@CORE aim to understand how RNA molecules are processed to become functional and to be degraded when no longer required, and which enzymatic complexes catalyze those events.